The Separation Wall

by | Jan 15, 2018 | The Separation Wall

In April 2002, Israel started to build the separation wall in the West Bank in order to make it easier to control the Palestinian Territories, the people, the economy and much more. In 2004, the High Court of Justice in Lahai said that this wall is illegal and Israel must take every part of it out and pay compensations to those who got affected and damaged by the wall but Israel didn’t care and continued building the separation wall.

The wall is control by watchtowers and military roads and in some places the wall is composed of cement blocks reaches a height of 8 meters, and in other places the wall is composed of 80-150 meters of barbed wire and sand from within a 760 km was planned to be built – that is further than the distance from Geneva to The Hague.

The separation wall isolating Palestinian communities from each other perfectly, and is surrounded by some of the towns and villages from all sides. Israel has confiscated several Palestinian land for the construction of this wall (12% of the West Bank, including Jerusalem), and the separation of villages from their fields and orchards and the sources of waters and destroyed houses, agricultural land.

In Bethlehem alone, stood along the wall around the province 73 km, and also Israel has confiscated nearly 16,000 acres of land, in order to build the wall and bypass roads and the expansion of settlements.


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