Private Tours to St. George Monastery Of Koziba

The desert is undoubtedly one of those places that bring solitude and calm to those seeking it, and when you first catch a glimpse of the magical St. George’s Monastery in the Judean desert, you can’t imagine a better place for being at peace with yourself.

It originally started in the fourth century by a few monks who were looking to immerse themselves in the lifestyles and desert stories of John the Baptist and Jesus. A very nice panorama view can be seen from the top before walking down.

Saint George Monastery was established during the Byzantine period but destroyed in AD 614 by the Persians. Later it was rebuilt during the Crusader period in the 12th century which was abandoned after their defeat.

At the end of the 19th century, it was finally rebuilt by the Greek monks. The site holds the relics of three Eastern Orthodox saints and it is associated with the lives of Elijah and that of the parents of the Virgin Mary making it an ideal site for pilgrimage.

Easily reachable from the Highway 1 between Jerusalem & the Dead Sea. By following signs for the monastery, turning off to Mitzpe Yericho.

Saint George Monastery is an amazing cliff-hanging monastery, one of the world’s oldest and definitely one of the most inspiring churches in the Holy Land, is a must-see for the desert. It takes about 15 minutes down to the monastery on foot and 20-25 minutes on the way back and donkey rides are available.

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