Arab Bus Station in Damascus Gate

Photograph by Michael Jackaman

If you are visiting Bethlehem from Jerusalem and you have to make your own way to Bethlehem, you need to take bus number 234 from the Arab bus station in Damascus Gate (Called Bab el-‘Amoud in Arabic) in Jerusalem. This bus goes to Bethlehem 300 Checkpoint as the last station. (Bethlehem 300 Checkpoint also known as Bethlehem Checkpoint, Bethlehem Crossing or Rachel’s Tomb Crossing).

The bus run almost every 5-10 minutes and it takes around 30 minutes to arrive to Bethlehem checkpoint.

Bethlehem 300 Checkpoint / Crossing point

Assuming you are on bus 234, you will arrive to Bethlehem 300 checkpoint, get off the bus and walk through the checkpoint, then cross the apartheid wall to Bethlehem side; it’s easy and it takes 2 minutes to cross. All you have to do is walk through the checkpoint to Bethlehem side. There will be no security checking at all getting into Bethlehem, it’s literally walking through the checkpoint to the other side of the wall. Follow the exit signs or simply, just follow all other people getting off the bus as they are all crossing to Bethlehem side.

The moment you cross the apartheid wall, you are in Bethlehem side. You will arrive to a taxi parking area (Yellow taxis). If you have a guide meeting you then you will meet your guide before you reach the taxis spot as he will be waiting for you once you cross the wall or wait for him near the taxi parking lot if you arrived earlier than the agreed time.

If you are visiting Bethlehem by your own without a tour guide, it’s up to you to take a taxi or walk to the old city of Bethlehem (It’s about 2km away from the checkpoint). The taxi cost is 20 NIS to the Nativity Church.

A Second Option

A second option to come to Bethlehem from Jerusalem is to take bus number 231 from the same bus station in Jerusalem. This bus is a longer route and will end in Bab Zqaq in the center of Bethlehem.

Important Note

If you booked your tour with me, I will meet you at Bethlehem 300 Checkpoint so take bus number 234 unless if other place is specified when you contact me.

The Arab Bus Station in Damascus Gate

Bethlehem 300 Checkpoint

Bab Zqaq Bus Station to Jerusalem

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