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How to get from Jerusalem to Bethlehem

How to get from Jerusalem to Bethlehem

Photo: Arab Bus Station in Damascus GateBy Bus 234 If you are coming from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and you have to make your own way, you have to take bus number 234 from the Arab bus station in Damascus Gate in Jerusalem (Called Bab el-‘Amoud in Arabic). This bus goes to Bethlehem 300 Checkpoint as the last station. (Bethlehem 300 Checkpoint also known as Bethlehem Checkpoint, Bethlehem Crossing or Rachel’s Tomb Crossing). The bus runs almost every 5-10 minutes and it takes about 30 minutes to Bethlehem 300 checkpoint and it cost 5.5 Shekels per person per way. (Only Shekels in cash is accepted)The distance is 8 km and it takes 30 minutes from Damascus Gate by bus number 234 to arrive to Bethlehem. If you take Beit Jala bus number 231, it takes about 45 minutes to Bethlehem.Bus number 234...

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